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  • Last Update May 23, 2021


1) Safety, Basic Firearm, and Ammo

2) Carrying

3) Use of Force

4) Final Thoughts to Consider While Carrying

Topics for this course

32 Lessons

Course Overview

Course Overview
Which Type of Firearm Should I Carry
The 4 components to every cartridge
Ammunition and the Anatomy
Shooting Fundamentals
2 Common Shooting Standing Positions
Proper Grip
Sighting In
Trigger Control
Defensive Shooting
Storage and Safety 1
Storage and Safety 2
Storage and Safety 3
Mindset When Carrying 1
Mindset When Carrying 2
Mindset When Carrying 3
Mindset When Carrying 4
Use of Force 1
Use of Force 2
Use of Force 3
Use of Force 4
Following a Shooting 1
Following a Shooting 2
Criminal and Civil Charges
Transporting and Traveling 1
Transporting and Traveling 2
Prohibited from Carry
Requirements for getting Permit to Carry
Carry Permit Renewal
Handgun Proficiency Test PREVIEW
Carry Permit Test
Release Form