Shooting Fundamentals



 Shooting Standing Positions

1)   The Isosceles Position = the feet are placed about shoulder width apart and the feet and shoulders are square with the target. The knees are slightly bent and the weight is slightly forward on the balls of the feet. The firearm is gripped with both hands and arms are both extended but the elbows are not locked.


2)  The Weaver Position = the feet are at shoulder width and square with the target. The legs are straight or slightly bent at the knees, weight is equally distributed on the balls of the feet, the back is straight or leaning slightly forward. Extend the firing arm fully forward but do not lock the elbow. The support arm has more of a bend to it keeping the gun closer to the body.


Proper Grip

Grasp the firearm behind the muzzle with your support hand. (Left hand if right handed) Make a “Y” with your thumb and fingers with  your firing hand. Place the backstrap firmly in the web of your firing hand. (Keeping your firing finger straight and off of the trigger) The remaining fingers rap around the pistol grip. With your support handbring the heel of your support hand into the grip. Lift up the firing hand thumb so the support hand tucks in.

Then with support hand keep thumb pointing forward and the rest firing thumb over support hand thumb keeping both thumbs forward. With a revolver we will do  it similar except we will place thumb nail over thumb nail keepingsupport hand thumb away from combustion gases.

    Sighting In

This is the relationship between the front sight and the rear sights.

Place the front sight in between the rear sight being the same height

with the same light in between them. Place the front sight on the

target where you want the bullet to hit. Shoot with both eyes open 

or close the non-dominant eye.


Trigger Control

Use the center of the pad on your trigger finger not the first joint. Apply constant, steady, and even pressure to the trigger. Squeeze don’t pull the trigger. Keep your finger on the trigger while you are on target. When off target your finger comes off of the trigger and lays straight. ALWAYS


 Defensive Shooting

You probably won’t have the time to aim traditionally so you will need to practice point aiming. Identify the target/threat and what’s behind it. Keep both eyes open  as you engage. FBI stats say the average gunfight includes three rounds fired over three seconds from a distance of 3 yards. NEVER fire a warning shot.