About Us

I was first introduced to firearms as a very young boy when I would go visit my Grandparents. I would love to go into my grandfather’s office and stare at his glass gun cabinet. I loved when he went in there because then it gave me a reason to follow and just stare at all of his amazing rifles. Like most kids the first thing I was allowed to have was a Daisy Red Rider. 

 Many years before the movie came out I indeed almost shot my eye out. BB’s bounce back when you shoot something made out of steal. I’d like to say that I then joined the armed forces but my life just didn’t go that way. I admire and appreciate all in the armed forces for the freedoms I enjoy daily. At age 21 I went into the Reserve Academy in Fullerton,Ca.

Going into the academy I bought my first 9mm handgun. From that point on I was hooked. I immediately started reloading also to be able to feed my growing habit at the shooting range. I would go to the range with a thousand rounds of 9mm and stay until my gun was too dirty to function or until I ran out of ammo whichever came first.


Flash forward to now and I still love shooting and still reload ammo. I never ended up in law enforcement but have a deep respect for the job they do. There is a lot to be said and respected for the men and women that run in when we are running out. In June of 2018 I decided to make my hobby and passion a business. Never one to  put all of my eggs in one basket I became an instructor for the MN Permit to Carry. My mom always told me “Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life.”
I’ve lived by these words my entire life.