No we do not. We facilitate responsible training and saftey guidance to gun owners. We started “south of the river” – hence the name, and have a passion for guns and gun owners.

You can take the exam as many times as you want. When you recieve an 80% or above you can then proceed to scheduling an in-person firearm training.

You are required to repeat this process when it is time to renew. You will pay the same amount.

You are required to have an account so that we can verify your Exam scores.

You can, please reach out to Shannon Oleson at (612) 839-7646  and let him know that that is what you would rather do.

You can, if you sign up. However,  please keep your reciept in the case that a lot of time goes by before you actually follow up.

If you have any more questions concerning anything about payment or safety, please reach out...

Or give us a call

 (612) 839-7646